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Commonly asked questions about Kunekune A.I.

How long is Kunekune boar semen viable (good) for?

Kunekune boar semen is viable for 7 days. The team at International Boar Semen ensures that doses are packed with only the highest viability, and each dose contains a minimum of 4 billion cells. Proper storage is maintained at 64F degrees, and doses shall be rotated twice per day until usage. Rotating the semen bottles twice per day enables the semen and extender to be mixed properly.

How do I know if my gilt/sow is in standing heat?

Gilts or sows in "standing heat", should respond to pressure on their back by locking up, or "standing". It is very difficult to move a sow or gilt once they lock up. Other obvious signs of heat can be swelling vulva, discharge, and mounting behavior around other pigs.

What equipment do I need to artificially inseminate (AI) my Kunekune gilt/sow?

The only supplies required to breed sows via A.I. are breeding rods, and lube. PSP includes these FREE of charge with all Kunekune semen orders.

How many doses of semen do I need? Can I order just one dose?

For optimal results, we suggest breeding each sow with 2-3 doses spaced 12 hours apart during her standing heat. Guaranteed Settle applies on orders of 2(+) doses to be used on a single sow. While 1 dose services can result in a litter, our experience has been that single dose breedings provoke small litters between 2-5 pigs.

Where do I find an swine AI technician near me

Finding an AI technician to breed your Kunekune sows using A.I. may be easier than you might think. In fact, unless a friend or family member with experience  has offered to help, it will likely be YOU! Breeding sows and gilts via artificial insemination is very easy - even to the beginner. The most difficult part (if anything) will be determining when the gilt/sow is in standing heat.

When should I order Kunekune semen to breed my gilt/sow?

All orders must be submitted before 11am on the date of collection. We suggest ordering as soon as you have determined your sow's schedule, and planned breeding date. Collection dates are every Monday and Thursday at IBS, with the exception of Holiday shipping closures. Each month's collection dates are posted by the beginning of the month for ordering in advance. If life happens and you need to reschedule an order, let us know at least one day prior to the collection date.

Where does Kunekune boar semen ship from? How long will it take for my order to arrive?

All Kunekune boar semen is collected, processed and shipped from International Boar Semen in Eldora, Iowa. Orders are shipped via Next Day Air service and will arrive the day following collection. If you are located in a rural area that does not generally have a regular delivery schedule (ie: Alaska), please let us know so that we can make accommodations for you!

Are offspring from AI sired litters eligible for registration?

Yes! A.I. progeny are eligible for registration exclusively with IKHR. To register breeding animals from your A.I. litter, submit a Seedstock Certificate when completing registration forms.

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