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Welcome to Puget Sound Pastures

At Puget Sound Pastures we are committed to producing the leading genetics available in the breed to date. Our foundation herd has been developed over the past 4 years, leading us great lengths in seeking the most elite genetics in existence. Sought out from across the United States, even internationally through Canada: creating a true All-American Herd. The PSP prefix means more than just a prefix. We take great honor in representing both your herd and our herd. The highest level of merit is upheld for PSP hogs regardless of final destination.


Production Style Kunekune Hogs

Production qualities are at the cornerstone at the PSP selection process. Length, depth, volume and capacity, productive udder for improved weaning weights, along with massive bone, and length of leg for ease of movement and agility to support a true pasture based environment. Carcass merit is also placed at the core of our selection process. What can these genetics do for you? Produce faster growing hogs performing well at processing time!

Kunekune Artificial Insemination

Kunekune semen for A.I. is being collected and shipped for the first time in the breed's history from International Boar Semen (IBS) in Eldora, Iowa. Thanks to the dedicated team of professionals at IBS, this milestone accomplishment is now available to the breed. Boar semen sales are managed by Mitchell Eastwood.



Outside of the box thinking and passion are at the core of our operation at PSP. When it comes to taking or making new opportunities in the industry, you can count on us being at the forefront! We look forward to what the future has to offer this breed! #LEVELUP


Competing is a great learning experience and tool to better the breed. Judged by professionals in the hog industry - input and feedback is invaluable, making wins an even greater accomplishment! Whether a herd is new or old, shows are an instrumental practice to learn and stay in touch with the breed - pork goals in mind.

Image by Giorgio Trovato
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