Welcome to Puget Sound Pastures

At Puget Sound Pastures we are fully committed to breeding the highest caliber stock on the market. Only the very best stock is offered to our valued customers. The PSP prefix mean more than just a prefix, it represents both your herd and ours, so rather than allowing any old pig to leave our farm, we hold a high level of merit for PSP hogs regardless of final destination.


Production Style Kunekune Hogs

We work closely with successful producers within the breed, and routinely exhibit our stock to ensure that our animals are at the highest level of the breed standard as possible - with of course pork in mind as the end goal. Length, depth of body, volume & capacity, high teat count/productive mammary system, and moderate leg length are all among our top priorities. All of which lend themselves to faster growing swine performing well at processing time.

Certified Pedigree Kunekune Pork

Looking for ethically raised certified pedigree kunekune pork?

Look no further than Puget Sound Pastures. We have a variety of retail as well as wholesale options available. Can't find what you're looking for on our shop page? Contact for more information, and we will be happy to assist you.



Outside of the box thinking and passion are at the core of our operation at PSP. When it comes to taking or making new opportunities in the industry, you can count on us being at the forefront! We look forward to what the future has to offer this breed! #LEVELUP


Just like working with the community, exhibiting stock is a great way to stay involved! It is a great learning experience and tool to better the breed. In addition to the many benefits, shows are judged by professionals in the hog industry that truly know what they are talking about. Whether a herd is new or old, shows are an instrumental practice to learn and stay in touch with the breed - pork goals in mind.

Image by Giorgio Trovato