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Puget Sound Pastures offers IKHR registered seedstock to discerning Kunekune hog operations. Please contact us privately with inquiries.


Proven sows:

USA Wilsons Gina 30 | Patty Cake


Price: $2,500

(G CH USA Bakers Man x USA Plum Pudding)

Going strong with 10 parities under her belt, and no sign of slowing down, USA Patty Cake has proven herself as an serious producer of quality seedstock. Progeny list includes Supreme CH USA Galloway, Res. G CH USA Pate du Porc, USA Jambon, USA Freight Train, and more. Carrying on the legacy of her sire, G CH USA Mahia Love 150++ Bakers Man, she will put her name down in the books as one of the most influential females in the history of our breed. Patty Cake is a top ranked sow in our herd for SNP genetic markers: favorable in pork tenderness, moisture, pH, marbling, and general meat quality.

READY: August - open or bred (+$500)

LDF Trish 3 | Delilah


Price: $2,500

(CH LDF Indigo x GMF Moonshine)

If you’re looking for a sow that could change the trajectory of your Kunekune operation, here is a unique opportunity.

An outlier within the breed. Delilah is a large scaled sow, with tremendous ability to lay down muscle. She is likely one of the highest scanning females in the Kunekune breed for loin depth and LEA (Loin Eye Area). At 12 months of age, Delilah weighed in at 240 lbs, and scanned at a loin depth of 2.35 inches and LEA of 6.67 inches. Although extremely good in muscle, her backfat measured at 2.56 inches. Combined with the right boar, she serves as a major stepping stone to achieve the complete package. Market hogs from Delilah are promising, and have been able to achieve similar results for growth, and muscle while laying on 1.0-1.5 less inches of backfat.

Genomic testing through Neogen has confirmed she possesses favorable markers for CAST_A, CAST_B, and PRKAG3 genes, which are associated with pork pH, tenderness, moisture, and general meat quality characteristics.

READY: NOW - bred to G CH SMK Tuahuru 3 - Takoma (+$500)

PSP Trish | Black Delilah


Price: $1,500

(S CH USA Galloway x LDF Delilah)

Ended up being our top pick from her litter by the end of the growing period. Sound and functional young sow. A littermate measured at a 58mm loin depth with LEA between 6-7 inches, and 1.0-1.5 inch backfat.

READY: September - open or bred (+$500)

Breeding age gilts:

PSP Wilsons Gina | 1-2


Price: $2,500

(G CH SMK Takoma x Res. G CH USA Pate du Porc)

Production data at 12 months:

Avg feed/day - 2.2 lbs

Weight - 190 lbs

Backfat - 1.0 inches

Loin Depth - 2.0 inches

Loin Eye Area - 5.67 sq inches

PSP Tapeka | Gold Medallion 13-1


Price: $2,000

(USA Baked Scrapple x ILF Gold Rush)

Structurally sound, 8/8 underline, big rib, and lots of volume.

EIF Rebecca Gina | Token


Price: $2,500

(G CH SMK Takoma x CH EIF Coin Slot)

The product of a litter in collaboration with East Island Farm. This litter was pretty exciting because it provided the opportunity to combine a cornerstone sow at East Island, CH EIF Rebecca Gina 11 ~ Coin Slot, with a boar that has been a game changer for us at PSP, G CH SMK Tuahuru 3 ~ Takoma.

Token has great flexibility, spring of rib, a large ham, and powerful shoulder. We are going to regret this!

Offered open or bred. She is 12 months on 6-14-24.

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