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A.I. Sires



Photo credit: Lori Enright

(USA Contender x USA Patty Cake)

Co-owned with Lori Enright of The USA Herd

  • The product of 20 years of selective breeding at The USA Herd. Galloway’s level of refinement is in a class of it’s own.

  • Genetics capable of growing without copious amounts of feed. A boar that reached 230 lbs at 16 months with less than 1.0 inch of backfat on an estimated daily ration of 1.5 lbs/day.

  • Genetic testing through NEOGEN exhibits favorable markers for pork tenderness, moisture, pH, and marbling meat quality traits.

  • Show ring appeal: Galloway took Reserve Grand Champion boar in the 2020 IKHR Royal Christmas Show at 9 months of age. He then was titled Supreme Grand Champion Exhibited of the 2021 IKHR Lockdown Hog Drive at 13 months of age.

  • Galloway progeny have been highly successful in the show ring. His favorable characteristics have led them to take titles under countless judges, even different organizations. The latest, a Galloway sired boar went Supreme Grand Champion in the IKHR Harvest Hog Drive under Howard Parrish.

USA Mahia Love 130+ | BAKED SCRAPPLE


Photo credit: Emily Peterson

(S CH USA Robert Bakewell x USA Gracie)

  • Born during the “Bakewell Era” at The USA Herd. Baked Scrapple is a classic style Bakewell boar and one of three that Lori Enright retained to carry on the next generation.

  • 8-7 underline. Scrapple sired replacement females are coming through with 7-7 to 8-8 underlines.

  • Genetic testing through NEOGEN exhibits favorable markers for pork tenderness, moisture, and pH meat quality traits.

  • In 2019, a three month old Scrapple sired gilt took Supreme Grand Champion during the Royal Christmas Show in Chino, California. The gilt, RKKR Aria Giana 7+ (Paisley), was produced by Round Butte Kunekune Ranch and owned and exhibited by WilderFarm and Homestead.

Make a single move to add the sought after Bakewell style to your herd.

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