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A.I. Sires

Supreme CH USA BH Tutaki 8 | Galloway


(USA Contender x USA Patty Cake)

+ The product of 20 years of selective breeding at The USA Herd. Galloway’s level of refinement is in a class of it’s own.

+ Genetics capable of growing without copious amounts of feed. A boar that reached 230 lbs at 16 months with less than 1.0 inch of backfat on an estimated daily ration of 1.5 lbs/day.

+ Genetic testing through NEOGEN exhibits favorable markers for pork tenderness, moisture, pH, and marbling meat quality traits.

+ Show ring appeal: Galloway took Reserve Grand Champion boar in the 2020 IKHR Royal Christmas Show at 9 months of age. He then was titled Supreme Grand Champion Exhibited of the 2021 IKHR Lockdown Hog Drive at 13 months of age.

+ Galloway progeny have been highly successful in the show ring. His favorable characteristics have led them to take titles under countless judges, even different organizations. The latest, a Galloway sired boar went Supreme Grand Champion in the IKHR Harvest Hog Drive under Howard Parrish.

USA Mahia Love 130+ | Baked Scrapple


Photo credit: Emily Peterson

(S CH USA Robert Bakewell x USA Gracie)

One of three Bakewell sons that Lori Enright had retained for the USA Herd. Baked Scrapple is arguably the most classic in type of the three, possessing the prominent Bakewell style head, tremendous length of body, and an impressive 8/7 underline. Make a single move to add the sought after Bakewell style to your herd, complemented with productivity. Scrapple daughters will not disappoint. Favorable in meat quality markers for pork tenderness, moisture, pH, and general meat quality.


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