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Reference Sires

G CH SMK Tuahuru 3 | Takoma


(DWF Demetrius x SMK Takara)

Takoma's type and kind could be described as being an outlier. Large frame, long bodied, long legged... stretched out far more than his general counterparts. His genetics have proven fast growing, and to exemplify his desirable production characteristics - making him excellent for generating replacement females. He displays favorable SNP markers in pork tenderness, moisture, pH, and general meat quality. During the 2023 IKHR Royal Christmas Show, Takoma was placed 1st in the aged boar class, and went on to take Grand Champion overall boar under judge Alan Snedegar.

ILF BH Tutaki 17 | Gendarme


(CH ILF Landjager x BAIN Willa)

Gendarme was produced by Ivanleigh Farms, and imported into the U.S. from Canada in 2022. He was selected based on numerous production traits including growth rate, loin depth, and backfat. He currently ranks as the #1 muscling boar in our herd, and is being used heavily in 2024. Gendarme tested favorable for pork tenderness, and moisture SNP markers.

ILF Tuahuru 6 | Tecumseh


(NZ Roa Ihu x ILF Wapeka)

More info to come....

CH LOZ Mahia Love 14 | St. John


(Res. G CH USA Fergus Henderson x LOZ Robin)

The decision to purchase St. John was a no brainer. Prior to landing at PSP, St. John already both a daughter, and son working in our herd. His influence comes with extreme length of body, and great underlines with an increased number of teats. His progeny are fast growing with adequate muscle. Looking to his past, St. John shares the same sire as some of the greatest sows in the breed... BAIN Tapeka 2 - Willa, and LOZ Jenny 6 - Tea Cozy. His impact is well established, and we can't wait to use his genetics straight from the source!

USA Mahia Love 151 | Jambon


(CH LOZ St. John x USA Patty Cake)

Observing the true potential of USA Paté genetics unfold, we sought to have her as a boar to enhance MGI in our operation. Lord willing, when the opportunity arose, we jumped! Jambon is one of the greatest sires we have had the opportunity of utilizing. He is the ultimate production boar... possessing very sound feet and legs, flexibility, style, masculinity, and being favorable for pork tenderness, and moisture meat quality markers. THANK YOU Dave & Jamie Russell.

PSP Tuahuru 1 | Vader


(G CH SMK Takoma x Res. G CH USA Pate du Porc)

This boar had what it takes to become a boar under the scrutiny of our program, and is the sole replacement boar from our 2023 crop. Length of body, volume, elevation, ability to lay down muscle, and high libido. His strengths have been taken note of and we can't wait to see what his future holds.

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