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The Sow Herd

USA Wilsons Gina 30 | Patty Cake


(G CH USA Bakers Man x USA Plum Pudding)

USA Patty Cake has proven herself as an MGI producer, naming progeny such as Supreme CH USA Galloway, USA Pate du Porc, USA Jambon, USA Freight Train, among others. Carrying on the legacy of her sire, G CH USA Mahia Love 150++ Bakers Man, she will put her name down in the books as one of the most influential females in the history of our breed. Patty Cake is a top ranked sow in our herd for SNP genetic markers: favorable in pork tenderness, moisture, pH, marbling, and general meat quality.

Res. G CH USA Wilsons Gina 35 | Pate Du Porc


(CH LOZ St. John x USA Patty Cake)

Pate du Porc is one of the fastest growing females we have seen to date achieving an empty weight of 245 lbs by 12 months and 14 days. She exemplifies the design we look for in a brood sow, tremendous length & depth of body, quality underline, and internal dimension. Favorable gene markers for pork tenderness, and moisture. Pate has been recognized in the show ring on multiple occasions, first taking Champion Junior Yearling sow of the 2022 IKHR Lockdown Hog Drive under judge Terry Shaffer. In the 2023 IKHR Royal Christmas Show, judge Alan Snedegar placed her 2nd in the aged sow class, and Reserve Grand Champion overall female.

PSP Wilsons Gina 7 | Porque la Grandeza 1-1


(G CH SMK Takoma x Res. G CH USA Pate du Porc)

An up and coming asset to the PSP sow herd. At 12 months, she reached 207 lbs from an average 2.2 lbs of feed/day. Carcass merit data collected via ultrasound revealed a 1.17 inch backfat, 1.83 inch loin depth, and estimated 5.53 sq inch LEA. She is maturing into a big broody girl and is due with her first parity later in 2024.

CAM Wilsons Gina 11 | Theadora


(BVF Theodore x XTC Tiara)

A "super sow" for productivity in this breed. In 7 parities she averages 10.9 pigs per litter, bringing her total farrowed to 76 pigs across her lifetime! Theadora is as long bodied as we've seen them come, great mothering ability, and has proven to be a true sow generator. Her daughters SMK Takara, and SMK Plum are also working at PSP. Herd boar, SMK Takoma is a grandson to this machine!!

ILF Rebecca Gina 15 | Beauty Eh


(CH USA Sweinhart x ILF Corn Flour)

THIS female is one of the most stylistic breeding pieces we have ever laid eyes on. Tammy really put together a storm with this one. Her pedigree explains the story. ILF Beauty Eh is truly a quality female with tremendous eye appeal. We couldn't be more excited to get her in the barn and raising pigs! Additionally, she presented the leanest backfat scan we have on record yet, and is favorable for pork tenderness, and moisture.

Supreme National CH USA Jenny 190 | Tetley Tea


(G CH USA Bakers Man x LOZ Tea Cozy)

Bakers Man daughter number three, Tetley Tea! Studying the Bakers Man daughters side by side, the flexibility and length of body coming from Tea Cozy's influence in the mix is impressive. These characteristics are largely responsible for Tetley's success in the ring, and we are on our toes to see what will come out of her next! Pork Panel genomics reveal homozygous markers for favorable pork tenderness, moisture, marbling, and meat quality.

CH ILF Tapeka 56 | Thumbelina


(CH ILF Landjager x BAIN Willa)

While preparing for the Canadian Import from Ivanleigh Farms in 2022, it was our intention to acquire any form of BAIN Tapeka 2, Willa genetics we could. When Tammy offered us a direct daughter of her, the feeling couldn't be put into words. Thumbelina is 'HER', and brings value for yearling weight, loin depth, backfat, and maternal characteristics. With Willa as her mother, maternal power is unrivaled, and we cannot wait to see what Thumbelina's future holds. Her genomics panel confirms favorable markers for pork tenderness and moisture.

PSP Tapeka 9 | Buttercream


(S CH USA Galloway x CH ILF Thumbelina)

As she gets closer to farrowing her first parity, we are liking this one more and more. The ability to grow with a carcass that has increased muscle, and reduced backfat passed on from her dam, ILF Thumbelina. Great rear third on her. We have a feeling that she is going to be contributor. SNP testing confirms favorable genes for pork tenderness and moisture traits.

PSP Tapeka | Bluebell


(S CH USA Galloway x CH ILF Thumbelina)

More info after scanning and farrowing.

PSP Tapeka | 22-1


(G CH SMK Takoma x CH ILF Thumbelina)

Standout from day one, this female is in our opinion the most attractive, and with feet and legs that are tough to beat. More info after scanning and farrowing...

PSP Tapeka | 22-2


(G CH SMK Takoma x CH ILF Thumbelina)

Personal favorite from the 22 litter gilts. She has a big rib cage, wide based, and check out that ham. Slightly more flexible pasterns than her sisters. This one is something to seriously watch. More info after scanning and farrowing...

PSP Tapeka | 22-3


(G CH SMK Takoma x CH ILF Thumbelina)

The "heavy-weight" of the 22 litter gilts, this female is stout from the ground up and from the base of her shoulder through the rear of her ham. She's put together in a package that's impressive for the amount of natural volume, and spring of rib that she has. More info after scanning and farrowing...

PSP Tapeka | 22-4


(G CH SMK Takoma x CH ILF Thumbelina)

Largest frame and scale of the 22 litter gilts. More info after scanning and farrowing...

ILF Tapeka 15 | Valentina


(NZ Roa Ihu x ILF Crystallina)

Valentina is granddaughter to the maternal motherload sow, BAIN Tapeka 2 - Willa, sired by New Zealand Imported boar, Roa Ihu. She is a beast in the barn, and weans monstrous pigs! With her kind of maternal design, this brood sow makes for a tremendous force in the genetics game. Valentina is another top ranking sow for SNP genetic markers, being favorable in pork tenderness, marbling, pH, and general meat quality.

PSP Tapeka 6 | Viande


(CH ILF Landjager x ILF Valentina)

Viande is a sow that we are coming to like a great deal. She farrows heavier  birth-weight pigs like her dam, and weaned all of her first parity litter. She possesses favorable genetic markers for pork pH, tenderness, moisture, and general meat quality.

ILF Tapeka 28 | Gold Rush


(ILF Mahia Love x ILF Goldilox)

Gold Rush is yet another Ivanleigh bred Tapeka sow, and is backed by BAIN Tapeka 2 - Willa on both sides of the pedigree. ILF Ru 5 - Matrix made a profound role in her flashy type, which is passing on in replacement gilts! Gold Rush is proving to be the herd building kind, and has even generated a boar prospect! Furthering her value, she ranks favorable in genetic markers for pork tenderness, marbling, pH, and general meat quality.

PSP Tapeka | Golden Girl


(CH ILF Landjager x ILF Gold Rush)

This female has a good broody look to her, big rib and ham, lots of eye appeal, and is backed by generations of Ivanleigh production genetics. Weaned all of her first parity litter, and is now serviced to SMK Takoma.

LDF Trish 3 | Delilah


(CH LDF Indigo x GMF Moonshine)

An outlier in her own right. Delilah was purchased as a yearling, after seeing the tremendous grow power she has to offer. We were even further impressed by her yearling carcass scans. One of the highest muscling sows that we've heard of in the breed, she measured at a 6.67 sq in LEA, and 59.7mm loin depth. Delilah tested with favorable genomic markers for pork tenderness, moisture, pH, and general meat quality.

PSP Trish 2 | Black Delilah


(S CH USA Galloway x LDF Delilah)

By the end of the growing period, "Black Delilah" was our top pick from her litter which we grew out in it's entirety. Structurally correct, with sound feet and legs, and backed by genetics that are superior in ability to lay down muscle. In the barn, she has demonstrated great mothering ability and weans her pigs.

PSP Trish


(ILF Gendarme x LDF Delilah)

Young prospect that we are keeping a close eye on for her carcass merit potential. So far, she is very structurally correct, comes with a powerful front end, big cage, and not too bad in the rear third. Feet and legs are holding up to the test. Time will tell the rest!

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