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The Sow Herd

Not only is she fundamental in producing a large number of quality pigs to weaning... the sow is responsible for something much greater.


Superior females are key to the progressive herd. A boar is known for his ability to replicate himself on a large scale, within an operation - even population. The sow however, has the power to influence in a different manner. In a way that will take the best boar, to a better boar. Continuing the cycle, the producer's limitless progress is unlocked when he finds the power of the sow.


To us, a true sow is one that can produce in a prepotent manner, she maintains the paradigm above, she produces ahead, and she keeps it progressive.

PSP has studied, and closely observed genetic groups, identifying key players within the breed. We are pleased to have acquired what we believe to be the best of these sows in not only the United States, but Canada as well. These sows take the Kunekune Hog to new heights in productive design, structural soundness, growth performance, carcass merit, and breed character.


USA Wilsons Gina 30 | Patty Cake

USA Patty Cake has proven herself as an MGI producer, naming progeny such as Supreme CH USA Galloway, USA Pate du Porc, USA Jambon, USA Freight Train, and more to come. She will put her name down in the books as one of the most elite females in the history of our breed. Carrying on the legacy of her sire, G CH USA Mahia Love 150++ Bakers Man.


ILF Rebecca Gina 9 | Baker's Special

"A picture says a thousand works". Baker's Special is a representative daughter of G CH USA Mahia Love 150++ (Bakers Man), on CH DHF Rebecca Gina (Bushel of Corn). Notice a theme here?


Supreme National CH USA Jenny 190 | Tetley Tea

Bakers Man daughter number three, is Tetley Tea! Her dam Tea Cozy has produced some insanity, known for being fluid and powerful movers - driving them to big wins in the ring, like Tetley, Supreme National Champion! She obviously has the Bakers Man stamp, known for more of the same. Tetley is built to be a production sow!!


ILF Tapeka 56 | Thumbelina

Out of an unforgettable litter, BAIN Willa x ILF Landjager, Thumbelina is built to be a brood sow. Watch out for this one - she's got a lot in the pot, and she's coming in HOT! When it comes to productivity, Thumbelina possesses birth weight, weaning weight, yearling weight, carcass merit, length & depth of body, along with STYLE. This is one to keep your attention glued to.


AG Aria Giana 12 | Icing on the Cake

Galloway daughters are beginning to make their way into the sow herd... and boy is this one special! Check out the production traits on this gal... length of body, depth, and longer legs! Don't forget EYE APPEAL!


LDF Trish 3 | Delilah

More info to come....


ILF Tapeka 28 | Gold Rush

Gold Rush is truly a gold find! Linebred on maternal production genetics, The Monopoleigh Pig, and Wapeka at Ivanleigh Farms, with the infusion of eye appeal from both ILF Matrix (Bellatrix littermate), and USA Esmerelda. Gold is brewing as her first PSP litter is set for October 2022, serviced at Ivanleigh Farms....


ILF Awakino 1 | Boardwalk

Length of body, depth of side, large capacity for ease of carrying litters, along with an outstanding udder passing through from her famous sire, ILF Mahia Love 3 (The Monopoleigh Pig) - son to BAIN Tapeka 2 (Willa), and USA Mahia Love 103 (Remy)! Boardwalk passes these traits onto her progeny, producing the Grand Champion Sow of the 2022 Heartland Show. Thank you Tammy Keller of Ivanleigh Farms!!


CH USA Wilsons Gina 35 | Pate du Porc

BIG things ahead for this outstanding gilt! Granddaughter to Grand Champion USA Mahia Love 150++ (Baker's Man), with furious rate of growth. Pate's performance is the best we have seen to date in a gilt, achieving an empty weight of 245 lbs by 12 months and 14 days. Talk about high performing females!


ILF Rebecca Gina | Beauty Eh

THIS female is one of the most stylistic breeding pieces we have ever laid eyes on. Tammy really put together a storm with this one. Her pedigree explains the story. Farrowed by Baker's Special littermate, ILF Rebecca Gina (Corn Flour) bringing Bakers Man and Bushel in, THEN put with CH USA Mahia Love 67+ (Sweinhart). ILF Corn Palace is a true ULTRA quality female with tremendous eye appeal. We couldn't be more excited to get her in the barn and raising pigs!


BBK Momona 3 | Bumble Bee

Daughter to Supreme Champion USA Mahia Love 42+ Robert Bakewell out of the rare Momona line. Thrilled to have such a classy production style sow in our herd. Thank you to DeeDee and Dustin Day of Daydream Acres for this opportunity.


ILF Tapeka 15 | Valentina

Valentina is granddaughter to the maternal motherload sow, BAIN Tapeka 2 - Willa, sired by NZ Import, Roa Ihu. She is a beast in the barn, and is sure to set her pigs up for success - resulting in monsters by weaning! With her kind of maternal design, this brood sow makes for a tremendous force in the genetics game. THANK YOU Tammy Keller.


Champion USA Rona 15 | Vanity Fair

Rona sows deriving from The USA Herd are among our favorites to serve as eye appeal contributors. USA Vanity Fair takes on this position with grace, bearing an added infusion of productivity by her sire, Supreme Champion USA Mahia Love 33+ (Haggis). Vanity Fair has produced some of our favorite hogs to date, we can't wait to get this one back in the barn.


ILF Jenny 15 | Golden Crown

Daughter of the famous ILF Mahia Love 4 (Orion), and ILF Jenny 5 (Bellatrix)! An abundance of maternal blood in there and Crown is repping! Golden Crown was imported from Ivanleigh Farms Canada to the Historic USA Herd in 2018.


ILF Haunene 1 | Canadienne

Canadienne is built to be a brood sow - exemplifying tremendous maternal qualities coming down from her grand-dam, BAIN Tapeka 2 (Willa). Daughter of ILF Mahia Love 4 (Orion), and DWF Haunene 1 (Creamsicle). Canadienne was imported from Ivanleigh Farms Canada to the Historic USA Herd in 2018.


ILF Wilsons Gina 8 | Lady Grenade

Daughter to SMK Wilsons Gina 2 - Dallace, and ILF BH Tutaki 1 - Landjager's littermate brother. Grenade offers a surge of growth and  youth genetics, with amplified carcass traits by her sire.


Up & coming gilts


PSP Tapeka | Fruitful Harvest

Fruitful Harvest is granddaughter to ILF Canadian Harvest, sired by USA Baked Scrapple!


PSP Trish | Queen Me

Daughter of Supreme CH USA Galloway, this impressive female outperformed her littermates, and attained 141 lbs at 183 days on conservative feed.


Looking to boost your breeding program?

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