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Ordering Semen

Please contact us directly to order or inquire about semen sales.

Postal Boxes


Timing your breeding date is key to success. Open sows generally cycle every 21 days, or otherwise 3-7 days post-weaning a litter. Keeping these timeframes in mind as it is crucial when ordering!


To order, please call or email Mitchell Eastwood - orders can NOT be placed through IBS.

Please include:

1. Date needed

2. Sire selection

3. Number of doses

4. If you'd like breeding supplies included

**All orders must be received by no later than 11 AM Central Time on Collection Day. Semen is viable for up to 7 days through the extender used at IBS. Ideal storage is in a cool, dark environment, at around 64 degrees Fahrenheit.**


Semen orders are shipped Next Day Air via UPS on collection day, plan for arrival the following morning. Breeding materials can be included with your order.


Breeding instructions will be sent with your order. Servicing sows via A.I. is a very simple process. Please reach out if you have any questions!

Have questions?

Send us a message!

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