The primary role of a sire within an operation is to offer your best genetics on a large scale. Reliability in market hogs, consistency in replacement females. A boar's daughters, speak volumes to his value as a sire.


PSP has studied, and closely observed genetic groups, identifying key players within the breed. We are pleased to have acquired what we believe to be the best boars available in the United States. These sires take the Kunekune Hog to new heights in productive design, structural soundness, growth performance, carcass merit, and breed character.

A.I. Boars:


Supreme CH USA BH Tutaki 8 | Galloway

GALLOWAY is the ULTIMATE package - massive boned, sheer power, and consistent offspring, this exotic boar is in the big leagues! You don't see them like this everyday - ever for that matter.


Owned with - The Historic USA Herd

$350/Dose (Full Rights)

$75/Dose (Producer Price)


USA Mahia Love 130+ | Baked Scrapple

Son to the one and only Supreme Champion USA Mahia Love 42+ Robert Bakewell, this boar is a HOG! In his first litter produced he sired a SUPREME CHAMPION. We are thrilled to see what is to come from this outstanding animal in our future lineup. This boar has got it all... length, depth, bone, classic head type, and large forward ears. Huge thank you to Emily and Brett Peterson for making this possible!

$250/Dose (Full Rights)

$75/Dose (Producer Price)


Reference Sires:


USA Mahia Love 151 | Jambon

Production is this guy's middle name: performance, soundness, style, and masculinity. This comes at no surprise as a USA Pate du Porc LITTERMATE!


ILF Mahia Love 45

More info to come...


SMK Tuahuru 3 | Takoma

More info to come...


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