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230 lbs at 16 months

Feed Conversion


Carcass Merit

Loin Depth: 50 mm
Backfat: 24 mm
LEA: 5.27 in

Housed at:
International Boar Semen | Eldora Iowa

Produced by:
Lori Enright | The USA Herd

Owned by:
Lori Enright | The USA Herd
Mitchell Eastwood | Puget Sound Pastures


Soundness, substance, style, and massive bone are among his core designators ~ observed across the board in his offspring to date. These characteristics are a driving force behind his success in the ring, and as a production sire.


Progeny from Galloway’s first sire crop resulted in champion titles… taking on specialty classes, boar divisions, and even Grand Champion sow.

Galloway attained 230 lbs by 16 months on 1.5 lbs/day of feed. Appropriately, #CarcassMerit scanning revealed a loin depth thickness of 50 mm, with a 24 mm backfat!


His prepotent influence can be used to dress up vanilla females ~ or make your best better. It is our hope that his influence will continue to prosper and shape the breed on an even greater scale.

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