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Baked Scrapple


Performance Stats:

Carcass Merit

Loin Depth: 54 mm
Backfat: 28 mm
LEA: 5.6 in

Full Rights: $250/dose
Producer Price: $75/dose

Produced by:
Lori Enright | The USA Herd

Owned by:
Mitchell Eastwood | Puget Sound Pastures

Housed at:
International Boar Semen | Eldora Iowa


SUPREME CHAMPIONS in both the past and future genetics of this boar! Not only is he sired by THE #BOSSHOG ~ Supreme Champion USA Mahia Love 42+ (Robert Bakewell), but in his first litter to hit the ground, he produced a gilt earning SUPREME CHAMPION title at only 3 months of age!

Scrapple is one of the fastest ways to achieve the sought after classic Bakewell hog style in only a generation. He is stamping his pigs hard.

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